Kamisuwa-onsen, set at the edge of Lake Suwako and surrounded by mountains, is rich in natural beauty. Here you can experience the changing scenery of Japan’s four seasons.

In clear weather, Mt. Fuji is visible to the south. This near mystic view has touched the Japanese from the days of old, and has even been rendered in ukiyoe (color prints of daily life from the Edo period).

Numerous samurai well known to history stopped off in Suwa en-route to the next battle to rest, heal their wounds, and restore their spirits.

One example we find in the records is Matsudaira Tadateru, a military commander during the Warring States period, and son of Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was exceedingly fond of Kamisuwa’s hot springs and how they soothed his body and troubled mind. It is recorded that he first came to Suwa at age 35, and by the time he passed away at the ripe old age of 92, had spent a long 52 years here. It is often said that the hot springs were the reason for his longevity.

Even within Nagano prefecture with its many onsen, Kamisuwa’s abundant geothermal water is considered first rate. In olden times it wasn’t only a luxury of the local castle’s elite, but a familiar part of the daily lives of ordinary citizens. Even today the hot springs are a regular part of local life.






At Hotel Beniya, we offer a choice of traditional Japanese tatami (straw mat) floored rooms or Western style rooms where you can take in the sweeping view of Lake at your leisure

Lake View Delux Twin Rooms

Rooms on the top floor of the GuestRoom with a spectacular view

Lake View Japanese-style Rooms

Tatami (traditional straw mat) floored rooms with a great view of Lake Suwako

※ Upper floor, non-smoking

Mountain View Western-style Rooms

Rooms with a view of the town and mountains



Beniya Annex

All rooms are non-smoking.


Annex Standard Twin

Hotel Beniya Annex’s standard room


Annex Single

Hotel Beniya Annex’s single room



GuestRoom Information

From 15:00
Check-out 10:00

toilet with built-in bidet
Wi-Fi Internet free
Air conditioner
Electric pot
hand towels
bath towels
hair dryer
shampoo & rinse
body soap




While soaking in our onsen on the hotel’s top floor, gaze out on the spectacular scenery of Lake Suwako and its mountain backdrop. Watching birds at play or people enjoying themselves below, the view changes daily with the weather and seasons.

14th Floor Vista Onsen

Look out over the spectacular scenery of Lake Suwako while soaking in our hot spring bath.
※No charge

Kofu-no-yu Rotenburo (Outdoor bath)

Let the fresh air of Kamisuwa Onsen wash over you while luxuriating in our outdoor cypress wood tub.
※No charge

Ikoi-no-yu Foot Bath

Make your plans for the next day or enjoy a book while soaking your feet in our foot bath
※No charge

Kiseki-do Stone Sauna

Simply by lying down on stone slabs warmed by the hot spring, you can enjoy a gentle sweat, heated through to the body’s core.


Restaurant & Dining


Dining Shiki – Japanese Cuisine

Traditional kaisekiryori ,Japanese cuisine featuring fresh seasonal ingredients.
Japanese banquet-style dining
(This is the Dining Japanese-style etiquette)
※Guests only

Avanzare – Casual style restaurant

Casual fare with pizza and pasta, beer and wine

※Reserve in advance
Mealtimes *Guests must reserve their mealtime in advance.
You can choose between two evening meals, from 6:00PM or 7:30PM.
Breakfast is from 7:00AM-9:00AM. Typically we offer a Japanese/International Buffet, but occasionally Washokuzen (a traditional Japanese tray meal) is substituted.


On the hotel grounds we provide various bathing facilities, a gift shop with local souvenirs, a gallery displaying paintings and glass art, and a wide variety of other amenities.



24hours FrontService & Sightseeing Concierge


Main entrance of the hotel, and have beautiful view of Lake Suwako.


There’re three kinds of dinings.
※Reserve in advance each.



You’ll find the ideal gifts or mementos to commemorate your trip.


Traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy massage, body polishing, light bodywork (such as acupressure)

Baggage check

From the day before your stay until the day after.



Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms


Access: Tokyo (Narita, Haneda, Shinjuku), Toyama, Nagoya Airport

Access to sightseeing areas: Tateyama, Kurobe, Hakuba, Kamikochi, Yudanaka, Shibu-onsen, Matsumoto Castle, Nakasendo, Narai-juku, Tsumago-juku, Mount Fuji

Root Guide

■ From Shinjuki Station ,

take the Limited-express Azusa (JR Chuo Line) to JR Kami-suwa Station, (about 2 hours 15 minutes)

■ From Narita Airport,

take the JR Narita Express to Shinjuku Station (about 1 hour 30 minutes) From Shinjuku Station to Kami-suwa, see above

■ From Haneda International

Airport, take the Airport Shuttle bus to Shinjuku Station (1 hour) From Shinjuku Station to Kami-suwa, see above

■ From Nagoya

From Chubu Centrair International Airport take the Meitetsu Tokoname Line (Mu-Sky train) to Meitetsu Nagoya Station (30 minutes)

-then walk to JR Nagoya Station (4 minutes)

-then take the Limited Express Shinano to Shiojiri (about 2 hours) and change to the Limited Express Azusa for Kami-suwa Station (15 minutes)




Tourist Information



Four seasons of Kamisuwa Onsen


A view full of cherry blossoms, symbol of Japan’s beauty
Charming rows of cherry trees bloom at the lakeside and along rivers right in town. Just a short trip away, Takato Castle is one of Japan’s most renowned viewing spots, known for the “greatest cherry blossoms in the land.”


A leading domestic resort and famous sightseeing area
Suwa is a highly popular summer resort, particularly in August when there is a fireworks display at the lakeside every evening. Watching from just in front of the hotel while dressed in yukata (a cotton leisure robe worn during the warmer season) is a quintessential way to enjoy summertime in Japan.


The beauty of Japan’s turning leaves
The mountains around Suwa Lake reveal their gorgeous colors in autumn, turning scarlet and amber. Places where you can enjoy the foliage, like Tateshina and Yamabiko Park, are easily accessible.


Ski resorts and winter activities
Suwa is spectacular in winter, with the elegant beauty of the snowcapped peaks and the iced over lake blanketed in white.
Nearby, there are numerous places to ski, snowboard, and enjoy the winter outdoors.

The front desk arranges sightseeing tours of the Suwa area
For an experience of the Japanese lifestyle first hand, sign up at the front desk for tours of the region’s historic buildings, scenic spots, restaurants, shops, and more.

Nagano Tourist Information

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park, located in Northern Nagano, is home to a troop of wild snow monkeys that have taken to bathing in one of the local hot springs. The area sees heavy winter snowfall, and people from all over the world visit to watch the soaking monkeys surrounded by snow.

Matsumoto Castle: A National Treasure

Matsumoto Castle is the oldest five-story castle tower in Japan and has been designated a National Treasure. Spectacular against the backdrop of the Northern Alps, its beauty changes with the seasons. There is only one other five-story castle in the country, so don’t miss this chance to see one.

Kurobe Dam, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

At the border of Toyama and Nagano Prefectures, Kurobe Dam is the highest altitude dam in the country. The natural panorama from the dam is stunning and there is access to activities such as trekking. It is also popular for unique modes of transportation like its trolley bus, cable car, and pleasure boat. When water is released from the dam, it is quite a sight.

In early summer the snow canyon towering along Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route must be seen to be believed.

Kiso’s Narai Juku Historic Townscape

Narai Juku a popular place to stroll surrounded by beautiful nature. While taking in the historic atmosphere, you can view a variety of architectural styles, enjoy the Kiso area’s traditional crafts, and try the local cuisine.
To this day Narai Juku preserves its historic townscape, giving you a feel of a bygone Japanese era.




Can I pay by credit card?

We accept payment by credit card or cash (Japanese yen).

Is there a pickup and drop-off service?

Our bus runs four times daily between Kamisuwa-station’s west entrance and our spa. Or, if you call, we will be glad to pick you up.If you have any questions, please call.

Is there a cancellation charge?

Cancellation charges apply from three days prior to your expected arrival.
(3 days prior: 30%, 2 days prior: 30%, day before: 50%, same day: 100%).

Would you also like you can stay together pet?

Pets are not allowed.

Can I use WI-FI?

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Sorry, Guests please follow the Japanese etiquette.